Tips for Buying Essential Accessories

I used to buy bags that were only appropriate for chic city lunches (think: Serena VdW) to wear to uni only to find out they don’t go with my style (I was only dreaming about it) and they were really annoying when I tried to stuff in my notebooks and the rest of ‘just in case’ nonsense. Took me too long to notice that I ended up carrying only the Adidas messenger bag. I had no other fancy occasions to wear those bags to and that’s where I realised that buying accessories based on your activities (and style!) is the smartest (and cheapest) way to do it.

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Eyeliner for Beginners

I was never a type of person to wear winged eyeliner. Loved it on others, couldn’t pull it off myself, mostly because I believed my eyes are too small and the lids are too hooded to be able to wear it. Well, I still think they are, but I’m learning it’s not as bad as I imagine it to be.
So the other day I decided to give winged eyeliner another go, without the pressure of hurrying out the door in the next hour. Actually I had nothing to do so I decided to play with makeup. As you do. Continue reading