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A lot has changed over the last year. My interest in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and blogging about it has shifted from my main interest to just something I prefer to do on my own, without telling the world about it. Hence the over one year silence on this page. Why force it, if I don’t feel it, right? But now I decided to start a new project and take this blog into a different direction. Continue reading

The Issue of Fast Fashion Companies Copying Big Brands

Over the last couple of weeks I came across a few articles that were about the ever increasing problem of fast fashion companies like ZARA, Mango and H&M copying designer brands’ pieces in order to sell copies for much lower prices and a lot quicker. Is it OK? Is the argument that this keeps the fashion industry turning valid? Should the brands take it as a form of flattery? Just like to any other story, there are two, or even more sides to it, which both fast fashion industry and designer brands might have to acknowledge.

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Quick Tutorial: Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

At the beginning of the month I posted a quick guide – Eyeliner for Beginners with a couple of key tips that make all the difference.
This week, I’m helping out my ladies that have more hooded eyes and don’t think the classic eyeliner suits them that much. I felt left out of that beauty look for the longest time, simply because I didn’t know there’s an alternative I could easily do! No more ladies, we got this one too! ;)

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