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Category: Projects

Project: Tea box design

Recently I dived into another project. I was looking for some ideas on the type of projects I could do that often appear in designer’s portfolio and decided to design packaging for winter teas. I wanted the box to look inviting, give the impression it’a winter collection but still have…

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Welcoming Autumn

Here’s one piece I was inspired to create as soon as autumnal equinox came around. It’s my first ever vectorised lettering piece and I’m quite pleased with result, even though I notice quite a few things that could be fixed and changed. But I’ll keep it as is and have…

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Project 1: Resume

For the last two days I have thrown myself into designing my first project, which was creating a resume. Considering the field I’m interested in, typing one up in Word just isn’t an option so I opened Illustrator and got to work. I have already done a couple basic introduction…

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