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Category: Design

Daily UI (day 8)

Day 8 of Daily UI is 404 page. I’ve seen those around before and they used to be borin. Now, there’s as much thought put into them as any other element of web design. Especially since the page tells the users that something went wrong, it’s nicer when the message…

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Daily UI (day 7)

Daily UI day 7 is Settings, so I created couple of screens for an alarm clock’s settings. I wanted to create a friendly and fun vibe with rounded corners and shapes. I mostly focused on creating a consistent look and feel throughout, because as a beginner there are times when…

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Welcoming Autumn

Here’s one piece I was inspired to create as soon as autumnal equinox came around. It’s my first ever vectorised lettering piece and I’m quite pleased with result, even though I notice quite a few things that could be fixed and changed. But I’ll keep it as is and have…

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