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Building A Lasting Wardrobe With Basics

If you’re anything like me, and you like monochrome outfits, with an occasional pop of color (navy sweater, red flowy shirt, etc) and you like to keep your things simple and efficient in styling your outfits, this post is for you.

For me, spring is really the time to re-do and mix up my life and habits. Kick things into new gear and start something new. And that shines especially in the wardrobe department – I want to rebuild it from ground every spring. Not neccesarily buy it all new but assess items I have and decide if I still like the content.
Last spring I wrote about Updating Your Wardrobe for Spring to which you should refer when/if you start to buy basic wardrobe. Assess what you have, add what you need. This spring, I decided to go back to basics. You need good foundation of those to be able to stand out with accent pieces.

So I sat down and made a dream list of basic items I liked and really wanted to have in my wardrobe. But I didn’t write specific pieces by a certain brand, I did it more general. For example I listed t-shirts, camis, jeans, … Items that would ideally be nice to have in the closet at all times. Doesn’t matter if half of them I already own or not. It’s also a good list to refer back to when you go through your closet to see what you already have and circle what is it that you have to add.
None of the items on the list have any colors mentioned next to them, because for myself I know I like them in black, grey or white. Which are the best options for your basics – they go with everything else you’ll add later (accent pieces). The only exception is a trench, which has to be light nude. Camel and other shades of brown in general don’t work with me.
One big advantage of filling your wardrobe with pure basics is that they allow you to get ready really fast. You might as well do it with your eyes closed and you’re bound to still look awesome and chic. Also, they help your accent pieces to stand out better. There won’t be a confusion whether you wanted your white shirt with a unique collar and cuffs to stand out or your jeans with swirly print (which will be your only options if you buy them as your basic).
On that note, I should mention that in my book, basics mean items that don’t have anything extra added. No print, texture, or whatever that would make it special. It’s timeless and worthy to invest in. Those jeans with a swirly print on back pockets might look amazing today but next autumn they have a good chance of looking slightly unprofessional for that business lunch. Invest in ”boring” basics. They’ll last you forever.

When you have this step covered, it’s time to add accent pieces. Most of you will dive into colored items at this point, which is fine, I would advise you to start with your favourite colors in different shades and then add other colors gradually. Who knows, you might find out you like monochrome with red accents best and won’t feel like adding other colors.
I prefer to spice things up with textures, prints or added detailing like black tiny sparkly pieces woven into black sweater for example. Yet I still try to get things that are not too hyped at this moment because it’s better in the long term – they’ll still look cool in a year and not out of style. Although if ever, it’s nowadays that in the world of fashion basically anything goes as long as you rock it proud and loud. Also I’m one of those people that take months to warm up to trends only to find them fade away in the next week or two. Saved me money on numerous occasions. ;)

Next Monday I’ll reveal some tips on adding accessories to your wardrobe. Subscribe to be updated!

Tell me about you – do you have your basics in your closet? If yes, tell me about your best purchases in the comments below. :)


  1. mirjam mirjam

    Great post – totally agree that wardrobe essentials are so important. I’ve just read the book of Marie Kondo and decluttered my home radical. But now I only have my favorites in my wardrobe speak leather jacket, jeans, cardigans and tons of tees and I’m absolutely happy :)
    xx. Mirjam //

    • Hey – thanks for commenting!
      I’ve heard a lot about that book, my sister read it as well and did a massive clear out too. I was just about to read it but then I moved to the other side of Europe and did an unintentional declutter as I couldn’t bring more than two suitcases with me, haha! :D But like you said and I couldn’t agree more, I am now a happy owner of lots of simple items… ok, some key pieces are still missing. :)


  2. Totally agree to your post! My blog is all about wardrobe essentials actually. I can really relate to everything you have said. However, I think a spring clear out is still necessary for me every year. Its always good to see which items you are wearing on a regular basis and which things might turned out to be a bad purchase. I am adding some creme and navy to my wardrobe this spring – completely new colors for me :)

    Sophie xx

    • Glad you liked the post! :)
      I agree with you – clear out of things that only take up space in the closet and not on your body is always welcome.
      I like your choices of your new colours as well! I have a weak spot for navy since forever, it’s just a beautiful subtle diversity to an all black outfit for example. Looking forward to checking and seeing them on your blog! :)

      Thanks for commenting! :)


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